A hammer-in anchor provides definitive anchorage for moderately to heavily stony ground, or even for certain types of slaty soil.


  • Saves time during preparation and installation.

  • Easy and effective anchoring at a competitive price.
  • Model tested and adapted according to requirements determined by the customers.
  • Anchors respect the environment thanks to their minimum above and below ground encroachment.
  • The products are available from a large distribution network.
  • Anchor design is the fruit of research, testing, and validation by a control office.
  • Certified welds protect against corrosion.


Spear anchor

12-spear with upper plate. 16-spear with lateral plate. 18-spear with half-ring, untreated. Cross-blade...

Rocker anchors

Chromated or galvanised plates, surface area from 3,130 mm2 to 34,500 mm2. Rocker mooring, assembled...

Characteristics Technical Data
Natural shaft spear 700 mm to 1 500 mm
Galvanised shaft spear 500 mm to 1 500 mm
Diameter of the shaft Ø 12, Ø 16 and Ø 18
Fins 2 or 3 depending on the model
Bichromated AMA plate Surface area from 6,100 mm2 to 34,500 mm2
Galvanised AMA plate Surface area 10,600 mm2
Rocker anchor Depth 800 mm
Shaft welded eyelets, galvanised or stainless steel multitoron cable Ø 8 mm
Ø 3 to 8 mm
Lenght. 500 to 1500 mm