Pipeline anchoring system.


Helical anchors

Helical anchors

SMOOTH SOLID ROD ANCHORS:      Fixing through welded eyes.      Helical plate or multiple...

Mixed ground anchors

Mixed soil anchors

SMOOTH ROD ANCHOR:   Fixing through welded eyes.   Fixing through plate.   Ideal for...

Mixed anchor anchoring

Mixed anchor anchoring for pipelines, drainage channels and conduits

Fixing anchors with a locknut or screw plate. Fixing pipeline, drainage channels and conduits through...

Embedded anchor

Underwater structure anchoring

Designed to be anchored in rock, granite or very compact ground through the use of cement slurry...


Installation device/tooling

Ancr’est is able to manufacture a specific machine to install the anchoring system such as a rotating...


Manufacture of an installation structure based on the HSE GRT 2015 safety reference.