tensioners for wires or tenvit cables


Tensioning or re-tensioning of loose wires without cutting.

Placed on the anchoring line on the post or on the lifting wire.


Very easy to set up: Place on the anchoring line or the lifting wire and slide the wire between the two hooks of the tensioner. Turn the key until achieving the desired tension.

Other tensioners available

  • Cage tensioners: galvanised epoxy or laminated.
  • 2-eye stamped/lantern tensioner.
  • 2-hook tensioner.
  • Eye-and-hook tensioner.
  • Eye-and-clevis tensioner.
  • Tension spring.

Caracteristics Technical data
TENVIT4.7 Box of 100 Ø2,2 mm - Galvanised for long lines
TENVIT6 Box of 100 Ø3,4 mm - Galvanised for long lines
TENVIT7 Box of 50 Ø5,4 mm - Galvanised for fruit tree lines
TENFIN6 beam Box of 100 Galvanised for short lines
TENVITINOX Box of 100 Ø2 mm - Stainless steel for long lines



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