Accessories for metal posts and angle rods

Compact clip

Solid and functional, this clip was designed to spread apart lifting wires on angle-rod posts of 30, 35 and 40 mm. Its new shape makes it more rigid and adapted to the mechanisation. The notches are specially designed to guide the wire and keep it from detaching. Installed with bolts.

Bean-notch clip

This classic clip is well suited to manually harvested vineyards.

Synthetic compact clip

Designed based on the same design as the compact clip, it is synthetic and thus suited for use with synthetic wire like lifting wire.

Pendulum clip

Clip for angle rod posts. Quick and easy set-up by hand and without tools. It is positioned within seconds based on the perforations on the angle rod. The principle of the pendulum attachment allows the clip to have a certain amount of movement when harvesting machine pass by, which keeps it from becoming deformed.

Spreaders / Lifting wires

Lifting vines requires time and dexterity so you don't harm young plants when the lifting wires, placed on the ground, are pulled back up and positioned on the nails or in the clips. The spreaders are essential for lifting them quickly and properly.

Position the lifting wire in the loops of the spreader:

  • No wire on the ground:
  • No risk of damaging the mower.
  • Easy passage with machines.
  • Support for young plants.
  • Protection and support: 3 to 4 treatments are possible before lifting.
  • Easy lifting: hold two spreader branches together and clip them.
  • Save 30% more time spent on lifting.
  • No young plant breakage.
  • Excellent support.
  • Wire support in stake clips or notches.


Other accessories :

End ties & small chain

The square-shaped end ties for angle-rod posts and different shapes for all types of shaped steel posts. The centre prong on the Trident end tie becomes stuck in the hole of the angle rod and can simply remain in place.

The small chains provide tension for the lifting wires. We advise that you choose fairly long ones, especially if the length of the lines is longer than 100 metres.

Caracteristics Technical data
Square end ties, galvanised wire Ø 5 mm 45 x 150 ; 55 x 150 et 55 x 200 mm
Square end ties, zinc-alu wire Ø 5 mm 55 x 200 mm
Square end ties, stainless steel wire Ø 5 mm 55 x 200 mm
Triangular end ties for T-shapes, fil galvanised wire Ø 5 mm 40 x 150 mm
Crapal small chains Link Ø 3,1 mm
Galvanised small chains Link Ø 3 - 19 x 7 mm
Galvanised small chains Link Ø 3 - 26 x 6 mm
Stainless steel small chains Link Ø 3 - 19 x 7 mm


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