Accessories for wooden posts


Lifting wires

Lifting vines requires time and dexterity so you don't harm young plants when the lifting wires, placed on the ground, are pulled back up and positioned on the nails or in the clips. The spreaders are essential for lifting them quickly and properly.

The spreaders are held by a U-nail or a zip-tie. Position the lifting wire in the loops of the spreader:

  • No wire on the ground:
  • No risk of damaging the mower.
  • Easy passage with machines.
  • Support for young plants.
  • Protection and support: 3 to 4 treatments are possible before lifting.
  • Easy lifting: hold two spreader branches together and clip them.
  • Save 30% more time spent on lifting.
  • No young plant breakage.
  • Excellent support.
  • Wire support in stake clips or notches.


Posts extensions

The wooden post extensions allow you to add lifting wires easily without changing the post. They are made with Class-C, hot-dip galvanised steel.

  • Extension with disk.
    The disk is positioned on the top of the post and is screwed in place.
  • Extension with angle bracket.
    The angle bracket is positioned on the side of the post and is screwed in place.

Double-wire supports

  • Galvanised wire supports make it possible to hold and spread out the lifting wires.
  • Its reliable positioning ensures an excellent hold, particularly with machines passing alongside it.
  • It's quick and easy to attach with a coiling tie.
  • A key adapted to a cordless screwdriver is available on demand for setting up ties more quickly. Otherwise, use the manual clamping wrench.
  • The support can be adapted to other shapes and dimensions of the stake (from O/40 to O/100 mm).

Round end ties and small chains

The end ties are round with different sizes for the posts and are easily positioned with a U-nail on the end posts. They can be used to position the lifting wires and tension them with the chains.

Moustache & other clips

Caracteristics Technical data
Round end ties Ø5 mm galvanised, zinc-alu, crapal, stainless steel 55 x 200 mm
Crapal small chains Link Ø3,1 mm
Galvanised small chains Link Ø3 - 19 x 7 mm
Galvanised small chains Link Ø3 - 26 x 6 mm
Stainless steel small chains Link Ø3 - 19 x 7 mm


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