Anchors to screw-in or hammer-in, along with accessories.

ANCR’EST  offers a wide range of anchors and accessories.

Whatever type of soil, we have the solution. From the softest ground to the most compact, we adapt our moorings to your needs.

As a designer, we manufacture and sell our products, and we listen carefully to meet your needs.


Our catalogue

Screw-in anchors

A screw-in anchor consists of a shaft and a helix . When force is exerted on the anchor, the ground above the helix becomes compact providing tensile resistance (extraction cone theory). The anchor...

Hammer-in anchor

A hammer-in anchor provides definitive anchorage for moderately to heavily stony ground, or even for certain types of slaty soil. Avantages Saves time during preparation and installation...


Tensioners, stakes, ties, and hooks... for wooden or metal stakes...