Anchoring for transmitting antennas.


Helical anchors

Helical anchors

SMOOTH SOLID ROD ANCHORS:      Fixing through welded eyes.      Helical plate or multiple...

Mixed ground anchors

Mixed soil anchors

SMOOTH ROD ANCHOR:   Fixing through welded eyes.   Fixing through plate.   Ideal for...

Mixed anchor anchoring

Mixed anchor anchoring for pipelines, drainage channels and conduits

Fixing anchors with a locknut or screw plate. Fixing pipeline, drainage channels and conduits through...


Fixing anchors on a support with a locknut or screw plate. Fixing an anchoring point using a welded...

Embedded anchor

Underwater structure anchoring

Designed to be anchored in rock, granite or very compact ground through the use of cement slurry...


Installation device/tooling

Ancr’est is able to manufacture a specific machine to install the anchoring system such as a rotating...


Manufacture of an installation structure based on the HSE GRT 2015 safety reference.